From Farm to Clothing

LABL is a social enterprise that is reinventing the social supply chain that connects designers to makers.

Photo credit from LABL

LABL  is a Netherlands based social enterprise that connects cotton farmers, designers and crafters between Kenya and Europe. They create a virtual workshop that offers a demand-responsive production model. This aims to transform the industry by utilizing the technological tools already available such as frameworks compatible with  mobile devices. This concurrently creates a smart business tool. With these tools, crafters can receive orders, manage delivery & inventory and get paid directly. The crafters are distributed into an an efficient and powerful production force. They are also developing a transparent blockchain based system that matches the crafters capacity in real time with the global demand of designers and their customers. This shall help meet the demands of quality, pricing and volume with the global market.”

Brighter Smiles is partnering with LABL to solve challenges in the traditional supply chain. Some of these challenges stem from the  skills inadequacy needed to produce quality textile products that meet the global standard.  The need to build data driven solutions through collaborative research and development right from farm to market.